Workshop: Jay Koh – Everyday Life as Practice-as-Research

f_23artspaceSaturday 26 September 2009

Some pre-workshop activities will be required. Full details will be sent upon registration. Please be aware that this workshop has a limited capacity and must be registered for by sending an email to with the subject header: ‘Jay Koh Workshop’

This workshop explores possible structures with which to investigate everyday experiences and create frameworks to act out these experiences as a form of Practice-as-Research (PaR) which I framed in my practice as Performance in Everyday Life.

Research on the practices of everyday as an experience can be classified in categories of incidental or durational, singular instant, localised and experiential. These categories are points of reference for the framing, theorisation and accessing of the experiences for research purposes. Researches into everyday life can happen outside the control of the researcher, when some events occur incidentally even though the researcher is present through a durational involvement.

The processes and conclusions of the research in everyday life (1st ‘acting out’) can be presented and structured in frameworks of generated knowledge and language to allow access, discussions and the building up of situations that can be reenacted to allow a second ‘acting out’ as experiential situations. These ‘acting outs’ are not proposed for the purpose of ‘proving some theory’ in the way of scientific experiments but to serve as situations for the acteur-researcher to gain insights, experience and knowledge of performance research.” – Jay Koh 2009

Jay Koh is an artist who originates from South East Asia and since 1999 has become an EU citizen. He takes on multifaceted roles in order to negotiate with social-political structures on site and conceives of appropriate actions in response to local needs and contexts. These actions emerge from an interdisciplinary artistic practice that includes creating art works, curating and organising exhibitions, seminars, workshops and learning programmes; community capacity-building, advocacy, writing, publishing, to other necessary activities.

From 2001, Jay has been working with Malaysian artist Chu Yuan in developing models of critical engagements with publics and communities.

Jay’s recent activities include that of a mediator, mentor and evaluator for rural art projects and art development activities in Ireland. This shift in role allows him to engage in new ways with the local residents and with peers working in public and participative art while pursuing his doctoral studies in artistic research at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.


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